About Us

Quality products and honest, genuine advice are what we specialise in.

Embers has been supplying wood heaters and gas log fires for over 30 years. We have a large and varied range of quality heaters on display. All wood heaters are EPA approved.

Wood heaters

Enjoy the romance and ambience of a wood fire? Wood heaters provide some of the most efficient and low emission heating options available. Warm up this winter with the crackle of a wood fire. Modern wood fired stoves are highly efficient combined heating and cooking systems that create mouth-watering dishes, piping hot water when you need it and a wonderfully warm home. Wood fired stoves combine the romance of a lifestyle that gets back to basics.

Wood fired stoves

With over 33 years’ experience selling wood cooking stoves, we know all there is to know about cooking with wood. Cookers can include home hot water heating options plus connection to a suitable solar hot water system. For example ESSE: Hand crafted in England since 1854, ESSE maintains the classic style of years gone by with the very latest in cooking and heating technology. Every ESSE becomes the centrepiece of the kitchen. Make a statement, get an ESSE.

Gas log fires

Want quick and clean heating at the push of a button? Modern gas heaters offer convenience in a range of styles, from traditional to sleek and stylish modern designs.

With over thirty years in the business we only sell products we’re happy to put our name and good reputation to. Quality products and honest, genuine advice are what we specialise in.